Project Management Audit Services

After 4 decades of hands-on project management, we have seen a lot of companies get this one thing wrong.


They feed problems and starve opportunities.


Many companies aren’t using project management audit services and they aren’t putting their best and brightest resources to work. We find that they continue to fix things that have gone wrong, instead of putting them to work on new opportunities.

Leveraging opportunities produces results and growth!

If you want to take advantage of opportunities, you must apply the right project planning and processes.

True North PMP Consulting delivers results for businesses like yours.

Our Project Management Audit Services.

Who is the Project Management Process Audit for?

This is an ideal solution if you need clarity in understanding

  • Your projects are coming in late
  • Your projects are coming in over budget
  • Your projects have planning, execution, or control issues
  • Your projects don’t the result they’re supposed to deliver
  • Your project data doesn’t make sense

How confident are you that your current Project Management Process is producing its intended results?

Are you satisfied with the deliverables? Is it sustainable?

If you suspect your Project Management Process could use a second set of expert eyes…

I help smart Owners and smart Project Managers like you every day find the hidden chinks in their project management armor and give them simple, smart, and efficient ways to bulletproof their projects. Let’s pop the hood and take a good thorough look. There’s no such thing as being “too prepared”.

Every month I open up my schedule for a handful of 30 Minute Project Management Process Audit Consultations to help you identify the pinch points in your project.

The next in True North’s line of flagship services is
The Single Project Audit

Do you ever feel that despite your project team’s roster of brilliant people, all their time is spent putting out fires instead of making progress? 

If you find yourself barely making it through the door to work each morning before you’re dealing with the next project crisis… then a Project Audit is the perfect way to help you identify why your project is off track and how to take immediate corrective action to get it back on track.

A Single Project Audit is highly recommended if you feel your project has gone awry and you’re not sure why. If you feel you need to:

Find the root cause as to
why your project is not performing

Recover your project and
get it back on track

Eliminate cost, cycle time, risk, and
waste out of your project

Understand if your team
has the experience and
skills to get it done.

I can absolutely help you.

When a project is taking on water it can be disorienting, confusing and frustrating.

If you have a project that is losing money and time right now, then let’s roll up our sleeves and find out what’s causing it and what corrective action to take!

Don’t wait until things get worse!

Apply for a 30-minute Project Audit Consultation to get your company back on the road to being well-managed and doing what it does best – innovating and creating profits!

Richard is a wealth of knowledge in which he has accumulated over a very successful career. I appreciated learning from him every step of the way.

Richard helped our team to get honest about our existing NPD process. He did not impose his ideas on our system. Instead, he allowed us to come to those realizations on our own.

Since our project with Richard, we have continued to build upon our work together. I will definitely keep Richard in mind for future opportunities.

Beth Graves

President, Prime Controls, Inc

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Apply for a 30-minute Project Audit Consultation to get your company back on the road to being well-managed and doing what it does best – innovating and creating profits!

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