If You’ve Gone Off Course, True North PMP Consulting Will Point Your Business In The Right Direction

True North PMP Consulting will Bring 70+ years of Successful Project Management Experience to Your Team.

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Project Management Consultants


Expert Project Management Consultants

The Project Management Consultants at True North PMP Consulting are available to guide you in the right direction. Sometimes your solution is deceptively simple and it might only take a second set of experienced eyes from the outside to set the project on course. 

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve got your project charter and your team is moving in full swing. One detail was missed and everything has derailed. Before your know it, there are more delays and you’re heading into production with 25% of your project budget shot because…

  • the execs want to know why the project is 3 weeks in and there’s no progress.
  • somehow a $1 part actually cost $10 dollars/unit and no one knows why.
  • your team spends more time covering their tracks and figuring out who to blame than solving the problems.
  • the only things getting delivered on time are excuses.

Are you ready for different results? We can help.

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True North PMP Consulting Successfully Helps Our Clients To…

Discover core

Identify where lack of capital or human resources is a risk factor

Confirm that deliverables meet compliance standards

Mitigate risk and add pinch points before you even get started

Guarantee deliverables and back-up options

Find where non-value added activities will eat up time and resources

What to Look for in Experienced Project Management Consultants

Project Management Consultants can say that they have loads of skills but do they? It’s important for you to find the consultants with the right experience for your team. A great PMP Consultant should…

  • understand your project’s scope.
  • point out potential errors to you.
  • share words that show greatness.
  • expand upon techniques they use.
  • have leader involvement in the process.  
  • share real strategies and backup plans.
  • interrogate about past projects.
  • see if they respond to fact-based queries.
  • have an informative website.
  • share distinct planned out activities.
  • have seasoned and experienced employees. 

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