Case Study

Single Project Audit:

Quadrant Plastic Composites

The Swiss company that initially couldn’t gain entry to the US market ended up capturing $4.5 million in first- year sales.

A Swiss European manufacturer of lightweight polypropylene glass composites, Quadrant Plastic Composites, was looking to expand sales into the North American automotive interiors market.

Quadrant Plastic Composites was losing out on a HUGE amount of money by not having access.

We were brought on to perform a Single Project Audit to help them find ways to finally gain access to US markets and stop losing money.

After we conducted the audit a few things became clear.

They had:

  • A limited product line
  • Zero approvals at North American OEM’s
  • Limited business relationships with Tier 1 suppliers

If they expected to gain entry to the US marketplace they would need to take immediate action.

They were losing out on a HUGE amount of money by not having access.

The root corrective action we recommended, lay in their relationships with North American OEM engineering groups and their Tier 1 suppliers. The Swiss company leaders needed to learn these groups and suppliers’ likes and dislikes related to products. 

This information helped them create the competitive differentiation and advantage they needed. After product testing and validating, the Swiss company gained the automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers’ approval.

The results were dramatic.

Quickly they were able to:

  • Gain raw material specification approvals at ALL North American OEMs
  • Launch a NEW PP/Glass Composite product line
  • Capture $4.5 million in first-year sales with a 30% contribution margin

The end result was that they were able to profitably expand their product line from Switzerland into the US and adapt their PP/Natural Fiber composite technology and in record time!


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