Case Study

Project Management Process Audit: Le Groupe Lavergne

Reigniting Le Groupe Lavergne Sales Growth

We were brought into Le Groupe Lavergne to energize their lethargic sales growth. Over a 3-year time span, with only a single exception (headed up by the company President), the Field Sales Team had not landed a single new account.

Their sales growth processes were lacking. There was no:

  •  Sales Growth Plan
  •  Sales Process Discipline
  •  Actionable Metrics to verify Sales Growth

In short, there was NO plan to improve sales growth – nor did they have any real way to measure sales growth.

We conducted a Product Line and Project Management Process Audit to locate the root causes of this disarray.

The sales team had capability, but they were lacking in processes to target the right customers. They were focusing most of their time and resources on markets that had long sales cycles and were ignoring markets with quicker sales cycles that could immediately increase their bottom line.

We found issues with the product portfolio as well. It was dominated by a single polymer family and lacked diversity to help the sales team create new sales. 

In short, there was no plan to improve sales growth and they didn’t have any real way to measure sales growth.

After completing our Comprehensive Product and Project Management Process Audit, we made specific suggestions to company leadership on process improvements that resulted in the following actions:

  • Implementation of a Formal Sales Growth Plan that focused the sales team on markets and market segments that could generate new sales within a 6-month time period.
  • A formal Target and Opportunity Tracking System was put in place to track individual salespeople and their sales efforts to drive new sales growth.
  • Weekly and Monthly Sales Team Meetings were instituted to keep the field sales team and supporting headquarters groups focused on new sales growth.
  • Quarterly Sales Growth Meetings were implemented to keep the company President and the Executive Team up to date on results of the sales growth program.
  • Working with R&D and the COO, the product portfolio was expanded to include new unreinforced and reinforced thermoplastic polymers giving the sales team an expanded range of commercial products to sell.

    The effort expended on developing new polymer families was projected to yield an additional $10 million in new sales by 2020.


    These corrective actions brought about phenomenal results thanks to the Product and Project Management Audit’s ability to locate the root cause of failure.

    The sales team, which had been stagnant prior to our arrival, grew by $750K in new sales in the first 11 months with the help of the newly created sales processes and polymer families to sell.

    The effort expended on developing new polymer families was projected to yield an additional $10 million in new sales by 2020.

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