Contract Project Management Services

Why You Should Contract Your Project Management Services to True North

Sometimes a company lacks the expertise or peoplepower to execute all or part of a project. True North PMP Consulting can help to complement or complete your team by offering our experienced Project Managers who can easily integrate and merge with your team members, specifically to work on particular projects for a specified timeframe.

Our expertise in project management is applicable to any industry. If you need Contracted or Part-Time Project Management Support, schedule time to speak with us to learn about how True North can make a diference in your business.

We can help you drive your projects to completion on-budget and on-time with your intended deliverables. We have helped many companies successfully complete projects involving…

  • Plastic Raw Material Selection
  • Computer-Aided Plastic Part Design (CAD)
  • Plastic Raw Material Moldflow Analysis
  • Plastic Tooling Design
  • Plastic Part Assembly
  • Application of Coatings/Paints onto Plastics
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFMA)
  • Prototyping
  • Part Testing & Validation
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Quality System Improvements

Mr. Richard Broo had been consulting and supporting our company, Teijin Kasei America, for six and a half months this year. Our company is a polycarbonate resin manufacturer based in Japan and has a sales representative office in Michigan, USA.

The reason we asked for help from Mr. Broo was that we had a project named “North America Project”, which is making a market map, promoting our products to its market and actually reaching out to key persons for developing our products in North America.

One of the most impressive points was that his approach was very “realistic and efficient”, a “down-to-earth” type of approach. The approach of a typical consulting company is too theoretical or a “MBA study” type of approach.

Also, his network of connections, especially in chemical and material industries, is terribly great, which means he is a very reliable person.

Therefore, we would strongly recommend Mr. Richard F. Broo and his company, True North PMP Consulting, Inc. If companies are struggling with projects like we were, they should contact him soon!

Tadahiro Komura

President, Teijin Kasei America