True North PMP Consulting

Guiding Principles

True North PMP Consulting: Who We Are

Our Philosophy

At True North PMP Consultants, we have learned that there is one fundamental truth that applies to all projects or any size and scope.

Spoiler Alert: A Project is a Project.

The truth is, project management is not rocket science. We believe that it’s an equal combination of common sense, logic and process discipline.

Most projects can be solved with SIMPLE SOLUTIONS! And it’s worth noting that simple is not the same as easy.

It takes an expert second set of eyes to look at the processes and procedures utilized in a project to determine which ones are the right ones and if they’ll pass trial-by-fire.

The True North Difference

We offer a system that cuts through the nonsense that permeates the project management industry today.

At True North, we will help you to…

  • understand your project’s scope.
  • point out potential errors.
  • share techniques that work.
  • grow through our involvement in the process.  
  • strategize and create backup plans.
  • learn from prior mistakes.
  • plan your activities and next moves.
  • succeed with our seasoned professionals. 

We will serve as your project management compass and guide you to completion on time and under budget.

Our Promise To You

We will always be candid, honest and straightforward.

We will put derailed projects back on track.

We will get “get down and dirty” and do what it takes to find and fix your issues.

We will help your team become more effective and efficient in order to initiate, plan, and execute a project successfully EVERY time.

What separates Superior Results from Mediocre Results?

We believe that it’s the fundamentals which are easy to understand, but rarely well executed.

Consistent high performing companies are RELENTLESS about fundamentals. Superior Fundamentals produce Superior Results!

If you want to pursue excellence in your business, then there is no better path than absolute mastery of the fundamentals using process discipline:

  • Project Initiation 
  • Project Planning  
  • Project Execution
  • Project Monitoring & Controlling
  • Project Closing

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Richard is a wealth of knowledge in which he has accumulated over a very successful career. I appreciated learning from him every step of the way.

Richard helped our team to get honest about our existing NPD process. He did not impose his ideas on our system. Instead, he allowed us to come to those realizations on our own.

Since our project with Richard, we have continued to build upon our work together. I will definitely keep Richard in mind for future opportunities.

Beth Graves

President, Prime Controls, Inc