Richard Broo, MBA, PMP

Founder | True North PMP Consulting

Richard Broo, Principal and Founder of True North PMP Consulting has over 40 years of successful leadership experience in the global composites and plastics industry. He has successfully held leadership roles in sales, marketing, product management, project management, new product development and commercialization and operations. His career has included assignments from individual contributor up to President/CEO duties.

Prior to starting True North PMP Consulting, Richard worked for Fortune 500 companies including Black & Decker Automotive, Owens Corning Automotive and General Electric Plastics, as well as mid-market size companies such as Asahi Kasei Plastics, Hexion Specialty Chemicals and Quadrant Plastic Composites.

His expertise as a consultant includes planning, implementation, and optimization in the disciplines of strategic planning, commercial growth, product management, project management, new product development and commercialization, operations and the turn-around of failing businesses. He coaches/mentors’ companies on utilizing effective project management to reduce cost, cycle time, risk and
waste out of their operations to create increased competitive differentiation and profitability.

Richard is characterized as a highly effective Problem Solver and Value Creator capable of helping clients to Optimize Revenue, Growth, Operations and Profitability by using Strategic Vision, Cross-Functional Teamwork, Process Discipline and the Voice-Of-The-Customer. He is a proven Team Leader and Team Player with experience in how to Excel in Challenging Environments. What Differentiates Richard from other consultants is his ability to Provide Clients Tangible and Verifiable Results, not theory to Achieve their Objectives.

Richard earned a Master of Business Administration from Walsh College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western Maryland College. He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Small – Midsize Companies Fuel the Fire of Our Economy

These companies are the ones that really want to grow and are putting their own sweat, time and energy into it. They’re also the companies that need the most help. 

Companies that haven’t scaled yet are usually vulnerable and lack adequate  processes and procedures to achieve their growth objectives risking them to fail.

The smart ones make the decision to invest in themselves and bring in a consultant, coach and mentor to install the proper processes and procedures.

Richard is a wealth of knowledge in which he has accumulated over a very successful career. I appreciated learning from him every step of the way.

Richard helped our team to get honest about our existing NPD process. He did not impose his ideas on our system. Instead, he allowed us to come to those realizations on our own.

Since our project with Richard, we have continued to build upon our work together. I will definitely keep Richard in mind for future opportunities.

Beth Graves

President, Prime Controls, Inc