Project Management Process Audit

Why Audit…

Are your projects reaching 100% completion, 100% of the time?

Many companies do not audit their project management process preventing them from effectively and efficiently utilizing their resources. While they try to fix aspects of their process that are failing, they are not holistically addressing the root cause of failure thus preventing implementation of root cause corrective actions capable of eliminating PROJECT Management Process failure.

  • How confident are you that your current Project Management Process is producing its intended results?
  • Are you satisfied with its performance?
  • Does it consistently deliver projects on-budget and on-time?
  • Are your customers satisfied with the value created by the projects you undertake on their behalf?

If you answer “No” to any of these questions, then an audit of your Project Management Process may be required to learn how you can improve it. Our Project Management Process Audit will help you understand:

  • Why your projects are completing over-budget or over-schedule
  • Root causes of your project failure from an initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling and closure standpoint
  • Why your projects are not delivering their intended results for you and your customers
  • How to permanently eliminate the causes of your project failure and improve your


The bottom line of conducting a Project Management Process Audit is to identify opportunities to eliminate Cost, Cycle Time, Risk and Waste out of your Project Management Process for every one of your projects.

True North PMP Consulting can help your company eliminate issues impacting failure within your Project Management Process. We deliver smart, measurable, achievable and timely solutions to improve the performance of your Project Management Process. Our solutions help you and your team work more efficiently to create customer satisfaction, competitive
differentiation, and increased profitability.

What differentiates True North PMP Consulting from other project management consultants is that we do not earn our customers trust based on providing recommendations to them.

We earn it by working with our customers to implement our recommendations to verify what we recommend does in fact work to our customers advantage.

Actually, Mr. Richard Broo had been consulting and supporting our company, Teijin Kasei America, for six and half months this year.

Our company is a polycarbonate resin manufacturer based in Japan and has a sales representative office in Michigan, USA.
The reason we asked for help from Mr. Richard Broo was that we had a project named “North America Project”, which is making a market map, promoting our products to its market and actually reaching out to key persons for developing our products in North America.

One of the most impressive points was that his approach was very “realistic and efficient”, in other words, a “down-to-earth” type of approach.

The approach of typical consulting company is too theoretical, in other words, “MBA study” type of approach. Also, his network of connections especially in chemical and material industries is terribly great, which means he is a very reliable person.

Therefore, we would strongly recommend Mr. Richard F. Broo and his company, True North PMP Consulting, Inc.
Now, if some companies are struggling with some projects like we were, should contact him soon!

Tadahiro Komura

President, Teijin Kasei America