Single Project Audit

100% Project Completion

Are you unable to deliver individual projects on-budget or on-time? Does your team lack the experience, resources or skills to get these projects back on track? Stop experiencing cost or timing overruns and putting projects in jeopardy.

Recover a project that is running over on budget or timing with our Single Project Audit. Understand why your project is off track and develop strategies to ensure it delivers the intended result.

True North PMP Consulting can help you recover a project that is running over on budget or timing. We will help you understand exactly why the project is not on track. We provide solutions and options like our single project audit to deal with individual projects and get them back on track.

Richard is an excellent coach and a mentor. His vast knowledge of our industry and project management background is very helpful in guiding us through this complex system. Our small team was able to achieve many of our goals due to Richards guidance.

They say in business you need a good lawyer and a top-notch CPA. I would add to this you also need a highly knowledgeable and supportive mentor. Richard helped us avoid a lot of pitfalls a startup would generally have because of his years of knowledge being in the same position we are in now. Not only has he helped us streamline our processes which is helping our projects run more smoothly, he’s always there to support us each step of the way and provides valuable insights that are priceless. 

Raju Patil

Head of Engineering, Pivot Materials

Our Process

Our project management experts have years of experience in handling off-time and off-budget projects, and bringing them back on track. We conduct a step by step process proven to ensure 100% project completion:


Audit projects that have gone awry to locate the root cause(s) of failure


Develop options to recover the project such that the project scope can be achieved within the original timeframe and budget

PM Contractors

True North PMP Consulting can also offer your company project managers on a contracted basis. Our project managers integrate into your team to work on specific projects or portions thereof for a specific period of time.

We can be a valued resource to your company to optimize your ability to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. 


We help manufacturing companies complete their projects professionally and economically – from sourcing raw materials to final production.


We support the delivery of new projects/programs for companies producing blow molders, compression molders, injection molders, extrusion houses, thermoformers and other plastics machinery.


We help companies increase their automotive manufacturing productivity and financial turn-around with effective project management.