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Reviving Le Groupe Lavergne’s Sales: A Comprehensive Strategy is a great success story that successfully reignited their sales growth trajectory. When Le Groupe Lavergne sought to revitalize its stagnant sales growth, they turned to us for guidance. With a field sales team struggling to secure new accounts and lacking essential sales growth processes, we embarked on a mission to transform their approach.

Identifying the Challenges:

Upon closer examination, it became evident that Le Groupe Lavergne faced significant hurdles in their sales growth journey. The absence of a structured Sales Growth Plan, Sales Process Discipline, and actionable metrics left them without a clear path forward.


Auditing the Processes:

To address these challenges, we conducted a thorough Product Line and Project Management Process Audit. This comprehensive assessment unearthed the root causes of their sales disarray, highlighting the need for strategic improvements.

Uncovering Opportunities:

Despite having a capable sales team, Le Groupe Lavergne struggled to target the right customers effectively. By focusing on markets with lengthy sales cycles and neglecting those with quicker turnaround times, they missed out on immediate revenue opportunities.

Diversifying the Product Portfolio:

Further exacerbating the issue was the lack of diversity in their product portfolio, dominated by a single polymer family. Recognizing the importance of offering a broader range of products, we collaborated with R&D and the COO to expand their offerings.

Implementing Solutions:

Armed with insights from our audit, we proposed targeted solutions to drive sales growth. This included the implementation of a Formal Sales Growth Plan, a robust Target and Opportunity Tracking System, and regular sales team meetings to foster alignment and accountability.

Driving Results:

As a result of these strategic initiatives, Le Groupe Lavergne experienced a significant turnaround in their sales performance. With a renewed focus on targeted markets and a diversified product portfolio, they projected an additional $10 million in new sales by 2020.

Reviving Le Groupe Lavergne’s Sales: A Comprehensive Strategy shows through collaboration, strategic planning, and a commitment to continuous improvement, Le Groupe Lavergne successfully reignited their sales growth trajectory. By addressing underlying challenges and implementing tailored solutions, they positioned themselves for long-term success in the competitive market landscape.