The Tao of Project Management is a concept that emphasizes the importance of simplicity, flexibility, and balance in project management. It draws inspiration from the Taoist philosophy, which advocates for a natural and harmonious way of living. Here are some tips for understanding the Tao of Project Management and how to keep it simple:

  1. Simplify your approach: The Tao of Project Management emphasizes the importance of simplicity in project management. This means avoiding complex processes and procedures that can slow down the project and create confusion. Simplify your approach by breaking down the project into smaller, manageable tasks, and focusing on the essentials.
  2. Emphasize flexibility: Flexibility is another key aspect of the Tao of Project Management. Projects can change rapidly, and it’s important to be able to adapt to new circumstances. Keep your plans and processes flexible, and be prepared to adjust them as needed.
  3. Maintain balance: Balance is essential in project management. This means striking a balance between speed and quality, as well as between meeting project objectives and managing resources effectively. Focus on maintaining a balanced approach to project management, and don’t let one aspect of the project dominate the others.
  4. Communicate clearly: Communication is key to successful project management, and it’s particularly important when following the Tao of Project Management. Make sure that everyone involved in the project understands the objectives, processes, and timelines. Keep communication clear and concise, and be open to feedback and suggestions.
  5. Trust your team: The Tao of Project Management emphasizes the importance of trusting your team. This means delegating tasks and responsibilities to team members, and allowing them to take ownership of their work. Trusting your team members can help to create a sense of empowerment and motivation, and can lead to better results.

The Tao of Project Management is an approach that emphasizes simplicity, flexibility, and balance. By keeping your approach simple, emphasizing flexibility, maintaining balance, communicating clearly, and trusting your team, you can apply the principles of the Tao of Project Management to your own projects and achieve better results. Remember that the key to successful project management is to focus on what’s essential, while remaining open to change and adaptation. If you would like to learn more about what we at True North PMP Consulting, feel free to contact me here.